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Our patients share their personal stories of their experiences at Atlee Chiropractic:

Thank you so much for everything you did. I can’t begin to express how happy I was that the baby turned! I will definitely recommend your care for pregnant and non-pregnant patients! – Andrea B.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the years of wonderful care you have provided me through my last pregnancies. Your level of care and compassion, while unfortunately not common anymore in the medical profession, is refreshing and highly appreciated. I’ll never forget how you came to my home after the birth of my oldest son when I was in extreme pain. You and your staff are so friendly, and it has been a pleasure coming to my appointments, even when I’m in pain. Though I won’t see you as often, I will continue to rely on you for care and refer others to you. Thanks so much. – Nia

I had an injured L5/S1 disc for several years before becoming pregnant. It required maintenance to keep it in check. When I moved to Virginia and became pregnant, I saw another chiropractor which did not help at all. However, when I found Dr. Madland, through a referral (Grace), it was heaven sent. Her technique alleviated my hip pain completely, which had interfering with my sleep. Six months after my daughter’s birth, we both still go see Dr. Anna. – April

Dr. Anna has helped my shoulder pain so much that I was able to paddle a kayak for two hours and carry the boat to and from the water. She keeps me going and able to keep up with my lifestyle of boating, swimming, working out and scuba diving. Chiropractic care is the “back bone” of my healthy lifestyle. – Janice

I am a 57-year old obese female with chronic health problems, including depression, neck and shoulder problems. I was in a serious motorcycle accident when I was 17 years old and am now realizing many medical issues partly due to the accident and the active lifestyle I led as a teenager and into my early 50’s. Rowing, volleyball, softball and weight training were just some of my adult pursuits. I have had two rotator cuff surgeries and unfortunately, the muscles and tendons surrounding my shoulders constantly knot up and my cervical spine is stressed with nerve pinching and severe pain in the back of my head through my upper back. Two of the tendons on my left shoulder have atrophies and cannot be reattached. In the past, I have had little or no success with previous chiropractic care, but have had massages, which seem to alleviate the pain for a day.I was referred to Dr. Anna by a neighbor, but did not have high expectations of relief. When I entered the office, I met Carla, the receptionist, who is so bright and cheery, one could not help but be put to ease.

When I met Dr. Anna, she did an evaluation with x-rays. She suggested a course of treatment to get my spine more flexible with the goal to get pain relief. I have been going to Dr. Anna for over 2 years now and am very satisfied to be in her care. She cares about me and my overall health and I do feel better. Dr. Anna goes over and beyond any other chiropractic care I have received in the past. She has worked on knots in my back muscles to relieve pain and has given me a variety of treatments to help my head, spine and shoulders.

My medical issues are chronic and I do get relief by coming to Dr. Anna and always feel 100% better after a treatment. I consider Dr. Anna a friend, the best chiropractor and because of her caring, instructive manner, I highly recommend her to friends, neighbors, family, business associates and strangers who appear to be in need of help. She is an integral part of my life now and I look forward to my treatments. — Anonymous 

Before I came to Atlee Chiropractic Center, I suffered with a lot of pain. I had constant upper neck and lower back pain, frequent migraines, lack of sleep and sore feet.I am 25 years old and I decided this was too much to be suffering in pain at this age. Atlee Chiropractic Center is definitely for anyone with any bodily pain. — Anonymous 

I came across Dr. Anna and I came in for a consultation where we discussed many things as to why this was happening. I had never been in a car accident, all of these symptoms were mainly due to stress. I started coming 2 to 3 times a week. I followed what Dr. Anna told me to do, from what to do at home and when I should be back for a visit. After a short time, my visits became more evenly spaced out.

Now, I can enjoy my work and day-to-day activities and can even find the energy to go to the gym. My migraines have slowed down and I do not get them as much.
If I ever need anything, I just come in and see Dr. Anna, and then I feel great. – Anonymous

I was having pain in my jaw and difficulty opening my mouth (with limited range of motion and pain). I was fortunate to find Dr. Anna, and she saw me early one Saturday morning. After one adjustment session, I felt better and was able to be pain free until I saw an oral surgeon. Dr. Anna helped my quickly and without pain. I highly recommend her services.– Lois

I have had back and neck problems for many years. I had visited different doctors from family practice to neurologists and received nothing more than pain pills to hide my real problem. When doctors could not find out what was causing my problem they said “its all in your mind”. I had this terrible itching in both my arms which radiated from the neck down to my wrists. The itching was so severe that I scratched both arms until they bled. It seemed that the more I scratched, the more severe the itching became. This problem continued for many years and at one point, I was given a TENS unit, which was supposed to relieve my problem. However, in order to gain relief, I had to turn the unit up very high and the end result was burning of the skin under the patches.

After much frustration, I talked with a friend who suggested visiting a chiropractor. This was the best advice I have ever received. After several visits the itching was gone and after continued chiropractic care, I no longer have this problem. After I moved to Mechanicsville, I visited Dr. Anna and she has continued my care with excellent results. In the future, I will only go to a family physician after I consult with Dr. Anna. I am convinced that chiropractic care in the immediate solution for many skeletal issues. I have been visiting chiropractors for about 30 years. – Ken

I have been treated by chiropractors since 1987. I have seen more than my share of doctors who don’t provide results. Dr. Anna’s caring nature and state of the art hands on care is soothing and healing. She has been able to bring relief to parts never adjusted before (ex, feet, hands, etc.). Her honest nature and fantastic people skills make it my family’s pleasure and honor to receive her care. Thanks so much! – Judy and Matt, Ashley, Jeff and Kevin

My husband and I started coming to Dr. Anna soon after she came to Mechanicsville. I have received THE best adjustments I have ever had! My back has been hurting less since I have been getting adjustments and advice from Dr. Anna! She is so caring and really interested in our overall health. She truly goes above and beyond the call of duty! My husband, myself and our backs love Dr. Anna. —  BJ and Bob BJ and Bob

Dear Dr. Anna,
Thanks so much for treating my back recently. When I first came to you, it was very hard to walk but you got right to the trouble area and within a few visits I was a “new man”.
I do appreciate your good skills and also the cheerful and upbeat way you treat your patients. Thank you again,  — Billy

I am a 62 year old female and one that has suffered with fibromyalgia for many years. As I grew older, I noticed that my skeletal frame seemed more susceptible to pain and injury. Many visits to doctors provided little relief and only pills to disguise my pain. I had heard from a friend of mine who is a patient of Dr. Anna. He suggested I visit her and see if chiropractic manipulation would provide me some relief. I took his advice and was astounded at the immediate relief I realized after only several visits. I try to go to regular visits and maintain as healthy a body as I can. — Audrey

When I first met Dr. Anna, I was a month post-treatment from another chiropractic clinic in a different state. I had been searching for a local chiropractor, when by chance, my boyfriend did some plumbing work in a Doctor’s office. That was Dr. Anna. They began a conversation and he told Dr. Anna about my problems.
I have severe degenerative disc disease in my lumbar and cervical spine and suffer from almost constant pain. Before chiropractic care, my right leg was 4 inches shorter than my left and I was taking the strongest pain medications available.

I went from three visits per week and severe pain to seeing Dr. Anna on an as needed basis. Chiropractic changed my entire life, it gave me hope to have a productive life and be able to do things with my two young daughters.

For anyone that has chronic pain and wants either drug-free treatment or have exhausted other traditional methods, don’t wait. Chiropractic care can and will help you and there are no side effects to treatment. Dr. Anna has also treated both of my daughters with excellent results.
Dr. Anna is wonderful in every way. She is an excellent care provider that truly puts her patient’s total well-being ahead of all else. She is the best at what she does. She CARES for her patients and not just in a medical sense either. She is one of a kind and I am very blessed to have her available to help me when I need her. — Barbara – 40 year-old mom

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