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Atlee Chiropractic Center Testimonials

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the years of wonderful care you have provided me through my last pregnancies. Your level of care and compassion, while unfortunately not common anymore in the medical profession, is refreshing and highly appreciated. I’ll never forget how you came to my home after the birth of my oldest son when I was in extreme pain. You and your staff are so friendly, and it has been a pleasure coming to my appointments, even when I’m in pain. Though I won’t see you as often, I will continue to rely on you for care and refer others to you. Thanks so much. – Nia

I am a 62 year old female and one that has suffered with fibromyalgia for many years. As I grew older, I noticed that my skeletal frame seemed more susceptible to pain and injury. Many visits to doctors provided little relief and only pills to disguise my pain. I had heard from a friend of mine who is a patient of Dr. Anna. He suggested I visit her and see if chiropractic manipulation would provide me some relief. I took his advice and was astounded at the immediate relief I realized after only several visits. I try to go to regular visits and maintain as healthy a body as I can. — Audrey

My medical issues are chronic and I do get relief by coming to Dr. Anna and always feel 100% better after a treatment. I consider Dr. Anna a friend, the best chiropractor and because of her caring, instructive manner, I highly recommend her to friends, neighbors, family, business associates and strangers who appear to be in need of help. She is an integral part of my life now and I look forward to my treatments. — Anonymous 

Before I came to Atlee Chiropractic Center, I suffered with a lot of pain. I had constant upper neck and lower back pain, frequent migraines, lack of sleep and sore feet. I am 25 years old and I decided this was too much to be suffering in pain at this age. Atlee Chiropractic Center is definitely for anyone with any bodily pain. — Anonymous