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Atlee Chiropractic Center Services

Your attitude about your health is as important to us as the specific reason you have consulted Atlee Chiropractic Center.  We understand that you will want to make informed decisions with regards to your health. During your course of care, you will be offered multiple options for reaching your health goals/objectives.                          


In addition to our comprehensive chiropractic care, using a variety of techniques, we provide:

● Electrical muscle stimulation

● Hot/Cold therapy

● Soft tissue rehabilitation

● Neuromuscular re-education

● Core stabilization

● Nutrition

● Exercise guidance


Your initial appointment will include a consultation, examination and possibly X-rays, which will determine if yours is a chiropractic case. If it is, your doctor will go over your findings on your second visit and outline a plan of care that aligns with your health goals. If yours is not a chiropractic case, your doctor will direct you to the appropriate healthcare provider with all of your test results. Someone will be here to assist you in each step along the way. Nothing will be done without your prior consent and full understanding.

Prenatal / Pediatric Care


Our unique emphasis on pregnant moms and kids provides a safe environment for parents and children to experience healthcare without drugs or surgery. We stay on the cutting edge of prenatal and pediatric education so that we can provide your family with the best care. 


Most women experience pain or restriction at various times throughout pregnancy. This is why obstetricians, midwives, and moms-to-be seek out prenatal chiropractic care and the specific techniques offered to reduce and relieve a variety of pain syndromes and other complications often associated with pregnancy. Dr. Anna specializes in techniques used from preconception to postnatal care to ensure mom and baby are strong, relaxed and balanced through the stages.


Among the many tools in her toolkit, Dr. Anna uses the Webster technique which facilitates pelvic alignment, soft tissue release and optimal nervous system function. This relieves stress on the pelvis and surrounding ligaments, which in turn reduces torsion in the uterus offering greater comfort throughout the pregnancy and assists with optimal fetal positioning. 


During the first year of life, a Chiropractor should examine your child’s spine to correct problems from birth injuries or tumbles when learning to sit, crawl and walk. Your child’s spine grows 50% in length during the first year of life! Doctors of Chiropractic believe it is much more important to prevent disease than to wait until illness occurs. When your child takes a fall or if your child is active in sports, you should make sure they are getting their spine examined for proper healing.