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We want to provide you with the finest health care and we will offer you many educational and informative opportunities to learn more about your health.

We understand that you will want to make informed decisions with regards to your health. During your course of care, you will be offered multiple options for reaching your health goals/objectives.

The interesting and educational information we provide will be useful for understanding your body and its function as well as making decisions about your health now and for the rest of your life.

On your first visit, we will gather extensive information about your health concerns through our consultation and examinations. Someone will be here to assist you in each step along the way. If you are not sure about what we need, just ask. Nothing will be done without your prior consent and full understanding.

We will provide you with ample information and clinical data in the form of literature, interactive, and media presentations. These presentations are designed to help you understand your own health status and the procedures that you may experience in this clinic. It is recommended that you read these materials thoroughly and keep them together for future reference throughout the course of your care.

Your attitude about your health is as important to us as the specific reason you have consulted Atlee Chiropractic Center. Below are four prevalent health attitudes. As your care progresses, you will learn about preventative, maintenance, and wellness health care.

Treatment Only. I only consult a doctor when I have an ache or pain and discontinue care as soon as it is gone. Prevention. In addition to symptomatic treatment, I occasionally consult specialists to prevent problems from recurring.

Maintaining Health. I am conscious about my health, diet, and exercise and actively pursue these routine daily activities because I feel better; I perform better: and I feel it maximizes my potential.

Family Health. I take an active part in maintaining my own health and help my family do the same. I am concerned with the long-term affects of good health for my family and myself.

Thank you. We look forward to a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship with you.

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